Kevin on September 30th, 2004

article2706_1_-214×242Originally uploaded by punditreview. Party of the Rich They’re no longer called “limousine liberals” they’re now called “private jet” liberals. Don’t let the left fool you. They may drive around in hybrid cars, but they’re all flying around in private jets. Democrats assert that they are the party of the little guy. The truth however, […]

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Kevin on September 30th, 2004

First, we want to thank the blogsphere for their support linking to and promoting the show. We also want to thank our incredible line-up of guests for joining us and helping spread the word about the different ways the blogsphere is challenging big media. Pundit Review Radio is on live every Saturday at noon EST […]

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Kevin on September 28th, 2004

Here it is, folks, the premier edition of Pundit Review Radio, where the old media meets the new. Our guest was Matt Margolis, founder of We hope you enjoy the show.

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kerry1092704 Originally uploaded by punditreview. Is this orange skin a ploy to impress voters in Florida? Did he get free tanning after his 10th botox treatment? Did he fall asleep on his tanning bed? Yea, this just reinforces the fact that Kerry is just a regular guy. All working stiffs use spray on tan, go […]

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Kevin on September 28th, 2004

There is nothing better than Chris Hitchens when he’s really angry. He sums up my feelings pretty accurately. The modern day Democrat Party, led by Terry McAuliffe, has come off its hinges, disgraced itself and forfitted any legitamate right to govern during such a serious time as we live in now. I hate to sound […]

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Kevin on September 26th, 2004

Meet the Press had Gen. John Abizaid, U.S. Central Command on this morning. It was a startling interview for several reasons, first: Abizaid is extremely impressive and a great spokesman for our mission in Iraq. Why don’t we hear more from him? Second: Tim Russert asked only negative questions, did not have a single good […]

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Kevin on September 26th, 2004

wbixOriginally uploaded by punditreview. The first show of Pundit Review Radio is in the books. We want to thank Matt Margolis of Blogs for Bush for joining us in the studio. We had a good discussion on his great site, bloggin, the RNC and the election. We will have the show available on the site […]

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