Another fun hour of radio by inviting someone I follow on Twitter to WRKO to talk politics, the old fashioned way, in person. Peter Ubertaccio, @ProfessorU on Twitter, is the Director of Joseph Martin Institute for Law & Society at Stonehill College and a blogger at the excellent MassPoliticsProfs.

It was great to meet the good professor. We covered a lot of ground even though the hour seemed to fly by. I had to start on the issue of today’s college campus, the perception, well earned in my opinion, of liberal professors and liberal students. He of course can only speak to his school and classroom but explanation of his approach was something I didn’t get in college. Encouragement of different views. Balanced class speakers, from the Tea Party and Occupy movement. I had learned via his Twitter feed that he went to the South Carolina primary, so we discussed the GOP primary, Newt v. Mitt. We also talked some about the Senate race between the Senator and Professor 1%, Elizabeth Warren.

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