With so much happening in Iraq, from the trial of Saddam to the voting on the Constitution, we are happy to announce that Michael Yon will be back on the Pundit Review Radio this Sunday evening. Michael’s work is the most insightful and compelling of any reporter in Iraq, in our opinion. His ability to bring the good, bad and ugly, in the proper perspective, is unrivalled.

We will get a preview of his upcoming Dispatch, of which he recently said,

Witnessing the critical Iraqi referendum Saturday, I saw such a breadth of events that some time is required to compose a dispatch equal to those historic proceedings. Accurately capturing the experience is more important than quickly delivering a statistical summary. The newspapers can handle the summaries. A surplus of reporters has kept an ongoing tally of high voter turnout and low insurgent activity. By now most people know that the voting was extraordinarily successful. But there�??s more to say than that it was a success. This milestone deserves careful consideration and writing. With that in mind, please be patient for a dispatch covering the historical voting that occurred in Iraq on 15 October 2005.

Michael has had several memorable appearances on Pundit Review Radio.

Anyone who follows his work undertsands that this is going to be something special.

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