Pundit Review’s Salute to the Troops and their Families
Christmas Evening, 9pm EST
Streaming Live @ WRKO.com

This Christmas season we wanted to step back from the bitter partisan world of politics to give thanks to those who sacrifice so much to keep us so insulated and comfortable here at home. We will highlight soldiers and organizations that support them and their familes. So, after spending a day with your family, spend an hour on Christmas evening saying thank you to those who make it all possible.

Guest List

1. Walter Gaya, you may recognize the name. His heroics were chronicled on Michael Yonâ??s blog. A member of Deuce Four serving in Mosul Iraq, Walt was twice injured in combat. Hasnâ??t let him keep eye injury from his dream of being photographer. Learn more about Walt here.

2. Judith Young, Executive Director of Gold Star Mothers, an organization dedicated to offering support to mothers of soldiers killed in combat. This group has been doing this since WWII. Judith lost her son in Beruit in 1983. She will talk to us about how difficult the holidays can be for families, how the GSM can help, and how people listening can help fund their efforts.

3. James D. Weiskopf, the Director of Communications for the Fisher House. He will come on to give us an overview of the Fisher House, as well as information on how people can support their efforts (cash, donate frequent flier miles to families of wounded soldiers, etc).

4. Bill Roggio from Threats Watch will help us close the show. Bill has just returned from several months in Iraq where he did some of the best citizen journalism we’ve seen