Driver in fatal crash held
Salem (MA) Evening News

The driver charged in Saturday’s fatal accident on Canal Street was apparently living under a fake name for months after he was caught illegally entering the country, then released, last spring.

Police now say the man who told them his name was Alex Costa is actually Magno DaCosta, who was stopped by U.S. Border Patrol agents as he entered the country last April, according to a warrant issued by immigration officials.

DaCosta was booked, fingerprinted and then given a deadline to leave the country and released just like another illegal and unlicensed Brazilian immigrant arrested last year for running down a Salem police officer at a traffic detail.

How’s that for tough enforcement, please, pretty please promise to leave the country. Are you kidding me? What are they fish? Catch and release? That makes two serious accidents and one fatality in the same city in one year thanks to illegals who were caught and released.

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