A double dose of good news this morning…Pundit Review Radio has been extended by one hour each Sunday evening. Our new time slot is now from 8-10pm est. Also, today’s Boston Herald features a solid article by reporter Jesse Noyes on the show and the expanded time slot.

Boston Herald
January 19, 2006
Web pundits plug views on airwaves

Old and new media are converging on WRKOâ??s Pundit Review â?? a show by bloggers about bloggers.

Hosts Kevin Whalen and Gregg Jackson handpick pundits from the blogosphere, giving cyber scholars a chance to sound off via the radio dial.

â??Weâ??re trying to bring the fastest-growing segment of the media . . . to the mainstream media,â? Jackson said. Added Whalen: â??Weâ??ve always seen it as a natural marriage between the best thought leaders in the new media and the people that are active political junkies who tune into talk radio.â?

That matrimony is paying off. With the showâ??s ratings on the rise WRKO-AM 680 is expanding Pundit Reviewâ??s airtime to two hours, broadcasting the program Sundays from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. and dropping the syndicated show Beyond the Beltway â?? proving blogs are big even on the airwaves.

â??Thereâ??s been a groundswell of buzz around these guys. It started as just a kind of murmur and now itâ??s kind of a roar,â? said WRKO Executive Producer Tom Shattuck.

You can read the full article here.