Pundit Review Radio is partnering with the #1 milblog, Blackfive, to bring his series Someone You Should Know to the radio.

We are honored to collaborate with Matt from Blackfive, and we share his belief that the public needs, and wants, to hear the stories of the bravery, courage and dignity of the men and women who fight for us.

We asked Matt, “How do you find these stories?”

Some are from my friends in Iraq or Afghanistan. And, once in awhile, a Commander or soldier or even parents of soldiers will send a valor award citation or report to me. But, in most cases, Someone You Should Know candidates are submitted by Blackfive.net readers who spot the stories in thier small town papers, television and radio stations or from the military journalists who submit them to the MSM but don’t get covered. These stories tend to be overlooked by larger sources like the New York Times or CNN because, I believe, that they don’t fit the template that the war is lost, President Bush is evil, and that America is wrong.

Together, we will bring these incredible stories to you every Sunday at 9pm.