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One of the great things about doing Pundit Review Radio is speaking to subject matter experts.

Sunday evening at 8pm est, we are honored to have as our guest someone who is a subject matter expert on both the military and the media. He has served as a Marine, a Green Beret, a high ranking pentagon official (deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force in the Reagan administration) and now he is working as a journalist focusing on national security issues. He was even embedded with the Third Armored Calvary Regiment to cover the conflict with Iraq in 2003.

Few people alive have the type of background, experience and insight on security issues as Jack Kelly of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Real Clear Politics. We are truly honored to have him on the show.

You can check out Jack’s tremendous column here.

Matt from Blackfive will join us once again at 9pm for a special Mother’s Day version of Someone You Should Know, our weekly collaboration to bring the inspirational, true stories of the men and women that are fighting for us around the world to the radio. The series is also available for download at iTunes.

After Someone You Should Know, we have a special mystery guest who will be joining Matt to discuss war on terror issues like only new media subject matter experts can. You don’t want to miss it!!!

What is Pundit Review Radio?

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