The folks at Blue Mass Group, a liberal blog focused on Massachusetts politics, busted one-time Democrat front-runner Tom Reilly’s campaign for posting nasty messages on the web site of Blue Mass Group’s preferred candidate, Deval Patrick.

It seemed only fair to check in with the Reilly campaign before publishing this post, so I called Corey Welford, Reilly’s campaign spokesman. After looking into it, Welford called me back and confirmed that the comment in question did indeed originate at Reilly HQ. According to Welford, the comment was not posted by a staffer, but by a volunteer “who got carried away.” Welford emphasized that the comment “was not authorized by the campaign,” and said that the problem will be addressed.

Attorney General Tom Reilly’s campaign for governor has imploded, from his inappropriate involvement in a drunk driving case, to his admission of Kennedy-like behavior in his youth and especially his disasterous 24 hour selection of Marie St. Fluer as his Lt. Governor. St Fleur, best known in Mass. at the time for pushing a bill to give state college tuition discounts to illegal immigrants, yes, you read that correctly, was outed as a major tax cheat within hours of her selection. She dropped out (was pushed) the next morning.

They had some good advice for the Reilly campaign,

..if you didn’t know this already, you should know it now: there really is no such thing as true anonymity on the internet.

Unfortunately, many people that should know better don’t.

The guys at Blue Mass Group were recently feature in the Boston Globe, along with the Margolis brothers.