Washington Post
Liberals and Israel
By Howard Kurtz

Usually, bloggers get hammered for what they say. These days, liberal bloggers are being denounced for what they aren’t saying.

As I’ve noted before, most of the lefty blogs are avoiding the Middle East war. Some of those puzzled by the relative silence have suggested that these bloggers don’t want to wade into this particular crossfire. Some of the bloggers have noted that they have no particular expertise on the subject.

Now the debate has taken a new turn, with the accusation that the liberals are really just hiding their anti-Israel views. I have no idea whether this is true or not–the bloggers are not exactly reticent on other subjects–and there are some liberal commentators who have certainly not shied away from criticizing Israel.

Still, conservatives are ramping up the argument that there’s a game of camouflage going on, and the back-and-forth is revealing.

Yes it is.

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