Harvard and Yale, two of America’s elite universities, are in a race to the bottom. What is the goal of this race? Surely it has nothing to do with education. Perhaps it is a game to see who can insult the most Americans?

As my friend Todd said, “Always trying to out do Yale.” So true. Yale had its Taliban Man, Harvard has the former terrorist leader of Iran.

Harvard University could hardly solidify itself more in the September 10th camp could they?

Romney orders state agencies to boycott former Iranian presidentâ??s visit to Harvard

Governor Mitt Romney denounced Harvard University today for inviting former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami to speak at the school on Sept. 10 and ordered all state agencies to boycott the visit by refusing to provide state police escorts and other service typically given to former heads of state.

“State taxpayers should not be providing special treatment to an individual who supports violent jihad and the destruction of Israel,” Romney said in a written statement, calling Khatamiâ??s visit a “disgrace” on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

The governor said that the U.S. State Department listed Khatami as Iranâ??s number one state sponsor of terrorism, saying that he oversaw the torture and murder of dissidents who spoke out for freedom and democracy.

Khatami is scheduled to speak at Harvardâ??s John F. Kennedy School of Government at 4 p.m. on Sept. 10. Harvard did not immediately return several phone calls seeking comment.

I can hear the liberals around town now, saying Romney is simply playing politics, “he’s running for president you know”. Ah, yea, that’s true. Much of what Romney does these days in positioning himself for 2008 (hello Big Dig), but does that mean he is wrong to take the action he did? Only if you think its a good idea for Harvard to roll out the red carpet for the world’s most influencial sponsor of terrorism on the eve of September 11.