Sunday night on Pundit Review Radio we discussed The Pope’s comments about Islam, and his unfortunate, furious backpeddling. What a shame. One ounce of moral clarity, and then he cowered in fear at his alleged insult to Islam. Sad. As they threaten to kill him, demand that he convert to Islam, they are doing nothing but proving his point. He should say so.

We also discussed Victor Davis Hanson’s article on the situation in which he said,

And what are we to make of poor Benedict XVI, the scholastic, who, in a disastrous display of public sensitivity, makes the telling point, that Christianity, in its long evolution to the present, has learned to forsake violence, and to defend its faith through appeals to reasonâ??and thus can offer its own experience in the current crisis of Islam. And by quoting from the emperor rhetorician Manuel Paleologusâ??whose desperate efforts at strengthening the Morea and the Isthmus at Corinth a generation before that awful Tuesday, May 29, 1453 all came to naughtâ??the Pope failed to grasp that under the tenets of radical Islam of the modern age, context means little, intent nothing, learning less than zero. If a sentence, indeed a mere phrase can be taken out of context, twisted, manipulated to show an absence of deference to Islam, furor ensues, death threats follow, assassins load their beltsâ??even as the New York Times or the Guardian issues its sanctimonious apologies in the hope that the crocodile will eat them last.

I especially loved this line from VDH,

In short, no modern ideology, no religious sect of the present age demands so much of others, so little of itself.

And you don’t want to miss the analogy of the year from Jay Tea at Wizbang,

Islam is like alcohol, some people can handle it, and some people can’t.

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