The Sago coal mine tragedy happened one year ago. One of the most popular Pundit Review posts of 2006 was this one, George W. Bush Caused Coal Mine Collapse. BizzyBlog’s Tom Blumer was all over this story last year, and he takes a look back.

Citizen journalist Bill Ardilino from INDC Journal is blogging from Iraq, You can read Bill’s work here and support him here.

In other embed citizen journalism news, milblogger Bill Roggio has posted The State of the Jihad: A look at the state of the major theaters, and some under the radar, in the Long War. This is a great overview of a global problem.

Matt from Blackfive has two inspirational stories today, one about the “doc” who never fell back and the other about Someone You Should Know, Sgt Bryan Anderson.

Pattericoâ??s Los Angeles Dog Trainer Year in Review 2006
Patterico, aka Patrick Frey, is one of our favorite guests on Pundit Review Radio. He is a fierce critic of the LA Times, holding their feet to the fire and forcing the paper to issue numerous corrections. His experience as an assistant district attorney in LA County shines though in his work. To listen to Patterico on Pundit Review Radio, click here, here and here

The Democrats Culture of Corruption
Some great blog posts today from Captain’s Quarters and Powerline on Nancy Pelosi’s ethical dilemma relating to recently admonished Rep. John Conyers. Here’s Captain Ed,

Does Pelosi really want to clean up Congress, or does she just want to use ethics as a partisan bludgeon? The answer will be seen in her action against Conyers now that this report has been made public. If he takes the gavel, then the Democrats simply want to use ethics as a dodge to get themselves elected.

and Powerline,

As Nancy Pelosi prepares to take the reins of the House of Representatives, she continues to face this problem: many of the “old bulls” in line for key committee and subcommittee leadership positions are corrupt. But facing a problem and facing-up to it are two different things.

Michelle Malkin’s latest Vent video takes on The New York Times, highlighting what their own ombudsman, Byron Calme, had to say about the so-called journalism at the Old Gray Lady this weekend.