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Former Green Beret, embedded citizen journalist and our friend Michael Yon joined us live from Mosul Iraq on Pundit Review Radio this weekend.

Michael had a surprisingly upbeat assessment of what's he's seen in the three weeks since he returned to Iraq as an embed. This was a much different view than what he shared with us last spring when he gave us a rather grim assessment. Michael discussed the improvement in the spirit and capabilities of the Iraqi security forces. He talked about the stark difference between the high spirits of the military men and women in Iraq with those who they are serving back at home. It is nothing short of amazing. He also laid to rest on of the most bothersome, dangerous myths of this war, that the people of Iraq "aren't doing enough". Finally, he told us about the type of man Gen. Petraeus is and we discussed the so-called surge plan.

Bottom line from a guy known for telling us the good, the bad and the ugly, Iraq is very winnable.

Correction: I have edited this to remove the box that infers quote from Michael. That was in my notes, right next to “Iraq can make it.” After re-listening to the interview, he only said the latter. I regret the error.

Michael relies solely on the contributions of his readers to funds his embed trips. The costs are staggering, and so are the risks. If you find his reporting to be a breath of fresh air, unfiltered and free of MSM and political bias, and you can afford to do so, please support his work by hitting the Support The Next Dispatch button on his website.

To listen to the second half of the interview with Michael, click here.

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