Last night we welcomed Congressman Duncan Hunter, (R-CA), to Pundit Review Radio. Rep. Hunter is one of the leading conservative candidates running for President.

Rep. Hunter was incredibly generous with his time, spending more than 30 minutes with us discussing a wide range of topics. Of course, we asked him about the anti-surge, non-binding resolution that was passed this weekend. He had some pointed criticism of his colleagues, and questioned how much they understood about the surge, from a tactical level. According to the Rep. Hunter, it is all about politics, and has little to do with the surge itself.

We also talked about immigration, as Hunter has one of the toughest stances on this issue in Congress. He spoke of the fence that runs along the San Diego border and how effective it has been. We also asked him what should be done about the Border Agents who have been thrown in jail for a dozen years for shooting a drug smuggler. We took some great calls from WRKO listeners who asked what separated Hunter from the leaders in the GOP race, like McCain, Rudy and Romney.

My favorite part of the interview was when Rep. Hunter opened up about his own family, he talked eloquently about his father and how the call to military service was passed to him, and now, on to his son. Speaking of his son, Congressman Hunter told a great story about his son’s decision to join the military on 9-11, it is incredibly inspirational.

This guy is solid and deserves strong consideration for your vote for president in the Republican primaries. To learn more about his campaign, click here. We look forward to having him back on Pundit Review Radio as the campaign heats up in the coming weeks.

This interview is also available for download at WRKO, iTunes and Podcast Alley.

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