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Bruce McQuain from Joins Pundit Review Radio

I am very happy to announce that Bruce McQuain from will be joining Pundit Review Radio as part of the Someone You Should Know series.

Bruce is a Vietnam Veteran, a former Ranger and a really terrific guy. Matt Burden, Blackfive, introduced us this weekend and we hit it off great. For several years Bruce has been doing something similar at called Project Hero. Bruce started Project Hero to tell the stories of all the soldiers and Marines who have won Silver Stars. He felt, as we do, that these stories are not being told.

Can’t wait to get started.

Matt Burden, Blackfive on the conference and the future of Someone You Should Know


Nobody has made more appearances on Pundit Review Radio than Matt Burden from Each week we bring his series Someone You Should Know to the radio. This is a look at the inspirational true stories of the men and women fighting for us around the world.

Matt’s schedule is crazy and we have been talking about bringing in some other military bloggers to help carry this forward. Matt’s talks about who will be joining us in this endeavor and why he is the right man for the job.

A conversation on The Long War with Bill Roggio


Bill Roggio is one of the people I really was looking forward to meeting at the Milblog Conference. We’ve interviewed him from Iraq and Afghanistan and obviously have never met him. He was excellent on the first panel of the day which covered embedded reporting from the front lines and he stayed that way for our discussion on The Long War.

Jack Holt, chief of new media operations at the Pentagon

ThreatWatch's Steve Schippert and the DoD's Jack Holt
Photo: ThreatWatch’s Steve Schippert and Jack Holt

One thing about the milblog conference was how far the impact of milbloggers has reached. The conference opened with a videotaped message from President Bush to the bloggers, then Admiral Mark Fox joined live from Baghdad for a Q&A session.

I had the pleasure of spending considerable time with Jack Holt, chief of new media operations at the Pentagon was also at the conference for two days, meeting with and listening to what the milblogging community had to say about the new regulations, working with Public Affairs Officers and the future of the Information War. We also discussed going over the head of the MSM, which the Pentagon seems to be doing with its new You Tube site.

‘Armed Liberal’ Marc Danzinger on Victory PAC

'Armed Liberal' Marc Danzinger

A great thing about going to the milblog conference was meeting people with whom I have admired from a distance. One of them is Marc Danzinger, aka Armed Liberal from the great blog

We discussed his new initiative, a political action committee called Victory PAC that
supports candidates from wither party who are not in favor of withdrawal and retreat from Iraq. This is an idea I can support.

Bill Paisley, F-14 radar intercept officer, blogger Instapinch

Bill Paisley Instapinch

Instapinch is a blog primarily focused on the Navy and is run by a self-described “transplanted southerner, former naval flight officer, current naval reservist, newly-married father of two, right-wing reactionary and all-around adequate guy!”

His name is Bill Paisley. Bill talked about why he started blogging, trying to, but not always, avoiding politics. He discussed the quality of the men and women in today’s service and a whole lot more.

John Pike, Director of


John Pike is a regular guest on all the networks for his analysis and commentary on defense, space and intelligence policy.

He provided great insight into the Al Qaeda victory narrative and noted how the U.S. does not have a coherent narrative itself. He also noted, as did Bill Roggio, that Iraq is the central front in the war on terror. Again, like Roggio, he talked about a Long War.

Patti Patton Bader, founder of Solider Angels

Soldiers Angels Patti Patton Bader

It was so great to finally meet Patti Patton Bader, founder of Solider Angels. She is such a tireless advocate for our soldiers.

When ‘Armed Liberal’ Marc Danzinger of Winds of Change returned from the Milblog Conference, he wrote a follow-up post that said,

But an amazing crew, and a few takeaways…

Soldiers Angels, Soldiers Angels, Soldiers Angels. Sign up, give money, do something. If you support the war or hate it, this incredible group of people is doing amazing work in supporting the troops in the most direct way possible.

He is 100% correct. They are such an amazing group. To be around them is to become a better human being. They are angles. Please consider supporting them if you can. Reach them at

Valout IT’s Lynette Frascella and her 15-year old son Anthony

Soldiers Angels
It was a pleasure to meet Lynette Frascella and her 15-year old son Anthony at the Milblog Conference. Lynette is the director of the Wounded Team at Soldiers Angels and a key member of Valour-IT. Her son Anthony is actively involved as well. What a special family.

Time Magazine’s Ana Marie Cox


Time Magazine’s Ana Marie Cox was a surprising presence at the milblog conference. We discussed love of…, milblogs, partisanship and media bias.

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