The Editors at Investors Business Daily ask an important question:

Sen. Hillary Clinton’s fans suggest that her brilliance outshines her character flaws. But if she’s so smart, how did she flunk the D.C. bar exam, one of the easiest in the nation?

It’s obvious to me as I research my new book, that Hillary Clinton is not as “smart” as many believe. We know that Democrats are always trying to portray Republicans like Bush as “stupid” even though Dubya got slightly better grades at Yale than Kerry and scored higher on his military intelligence tests than Kerry- not to mention the fact that he got a 3.6 GPA at Harvard Business School.

We also know that “Mr. Carbon Footprint” himself Al Gore failed out of Seminary School and dropped out of law school and was barely a c student at Harvard Undergrad- although he did invent the internet. So it wasn’t like he was a total failure.

And it was Ted Kennedy, not Bush, who got caught cheating at Harvard and was kicked out-prior to killing Mary Joe. And now we find this out about Hillary “the smartest woman in the world.”

From another biography, we also now learn that the esteemed senator failed to read the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq before she voted to authorize President Bush to use force in 2002. She now regrets the decision, claiming she was misled by faulty intelligence she never bothered to read.

Turns out Clinton had to be “briefed” by staffers on the details of one of the most important government reports ever printed. What, the smartest woman in the world couldn’t scan a 90-page dossier? She had to get the Cliffs Notes?

These latest revelations make us wonder if Hillary Clinton’s vaunted IQ isn’t just another Clinton fabrication. Is this why she refuses to release her Wellesley and Yale transcripts?

Now I know that not every Rep and Senator doesn’t read every word of every piece of legislation. But I would argue that the NIE on Iraq may have been the most important government report in our nation’s history. It was 90 pages long. I am a slow reader and could have knocked it out in 2 hours.

For a woman who wants to become commander and chief doesn’t she have a responsibility to level with the American people as to why she claims that she was “misled” about national security information she never even read?

I hope that there are some reporters who will have the courage to pose this question to Hillary and also ask her if she will reveal her college trascript that until now she has refused to make public.