Following Someone You Should Know, Bruce McQuain from QandO stayed with us for an extended interview with Michael Yon, who joined us live from Baqubah, Iraq. Michael is the Ernie Pyle of our generation. If you have the means, please consider supporting Michael’s work.

On Bless The Beasts, and the Children

We covered a lot of ground tonight, starting with his incredible new post Bless The Beasts, and the Children. Despite his well-documented, recorded interviews, video and photographs of an Al Qaeda massacre, and his offer to hand it all over to any media organization who wanted it, he has yet to hear from any MSM organization.

On Kiki Munshi

Michael was aware of Uncle Jimbo’s post at Blackfive from earlier in the day, comparing and contrasting an article on Baqubah that was in the Washington Post by Kiki Munshi with what Michael has been reporting. I asked him if she was right and he said, “Definitely untrue.”

In fact, he said, “The people of Baqubah are ecstatic. This place has had remarkable turnaround.”

For an update on this exchange, with fresh comments from Kiki and Michael, click here.

On the AP’s imaginary massacre, and their reluctance to cover a real one

Michael delivered some well-deserved praise for Bob Owens of Confederate Yankee, saying “He absolutely busted the AP on this.”

On the Iraqi security forces

“Increasingly professional and ready to fight.”

In the second half of the interview, we discussed:

Morale of the troops

With the heavy combat and 110 degree temperatures, how is the morale of the troops? Michael quipped, “110 degrees, it must be cooling off somewhere.” He said that morale was high, but he warned not to extent tours any longer than they are today (15 months).

The Iraq Security Forces

Michael said he’s seen tremendous increases in their fighting capabilities. “A tremendous progression.” The 10 Iraqi divisions are at different states of readiness, none of them ready to fully stand on their own, outside of the Kurdish north.

A Timeline

“If you want success, you just gonna have to knuckle down and stay here..for years.”

Counter Insurgency Strategy

In short, we have the right strategy, but we waited way too long to implement it. If we give it time, it could work.

Reporting from the front lines

“I will not flinch with bad news. The good news is I see lots of progress here and potential for success.”

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