Here is part 2 of my “Questions for Pro-Abortion Presidential Candidates” out today which is part of my “Questions for The Candidates” series I am doing for GrassTopsUSA. I will also be talking more indepth on abortion in general and debating this issue on the nationally syndicated Michael Medved Show this Thrusday at 4 PM to 5 PM EST.

8 More Questions for Pro-Abortion Presidential Candidates
GrassTopsUSA Guest Commentary
By Gregg Jackson

1. “If abortion is made illegal, thousands of women will die from back alley and coat hanger abortions.”

Prior to “legalization” 90% of abortions were performed by physicians in their offices not in back alleys. Why didn’t thousands die then?

2. “Abortion is a safe medical procedure, safer than full-term pregnancy and childbirth.”

We know that killing a baby in the mother’s womb is never “safe” for the baby herself, but what about the fact that many women experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following an abortion? In one of the longest running published studies of all time appearing in the Archives of General Psychiatry, many women experienced negative emotions increasing over time, including dreams and flash backs to the abortion, increased numbing of responsiveness not present prior to the abortion and more difficulty sleeping. These types of deteriorations in mental health don’t sound “safe” to me. How about you? And what about the many other physical risks associated with performing an abortion on a women such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? Hemorrhaging? Miscarriages? Hearth Failures? Embolisms? Comas? Sterilizations? Ruptured Intestines and Bowels? Subsequent ectopic (tubal) pregnancies? Sometimes Death? Breast Cancer?

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