Bruce McQuain from QandO joined us for another edition of Someone You Should Know, the untold, inspirations true stories of the men and women fighting for us around the world. The Someone You Should Know radio collaboration began as an extension of Matt Burden’s series at Blackfive. Thanks to Matt, Bruce is now on board and we are lucky to have him as part of the show.

Here is the story of SSG Earl I. Covel,

Through all that combat, nobody on his team was killed. When the battle finally ended, it was estimated they’d taken out between 120 and 150 of the enemy insurgents who had attacked them.

The recommendation that Covel receive an award for his actions didn’t come from the Air Force, but from the Army Special Forces team that he had seen safely through the battle.

“When they told me, I thought they were kidding,” said Covel. “I thought it was a joke. I was embarrassed that they would put me in for the Silver Star.”

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