My friend Lisa De Pasquale asks the question: Are We Hypocrites for Not Enlisting?

Liberals’ incessant calls to draft every 18-year-old College Republican is tantamount to the disrespect they have for the military. They demand that every person who supports the war join the military or send their children. If they don’t, they’re hypocrites. This isn’t going to be a winning strategy for the Left. Is every person that wears an AIDS ribbon, but doesn’t go to Africa (as Laura and Jenna Bush did) to help children with HIV/AIDS a hypocrite? Are vice presidents and celebrities that travel in private jets and SUVs while lecturing the little people on the proper amount of toilet paper also hypocrites?

In Treason, Ann Coulter wrote, “Instead of relentlessly attacking the military as immature or testosterone crazed – meaning ‘braver than me’ – liberals might have the good grace to realize they live in a country where big burly men are willing to protect them from bullies.” Thanks to those extraordinary men and women that persevered through the recruitment process and continue to serve, we all enjoy freedoms that we ourselves are not willing or able to fight for.

With significant success in Iraq due to the “surge,” certainly there is room for honest and civil debate about various aspects of the overall “war on terror” like what we should do about Pakistan and Iran etc… But claiming that unless you are in the military, you are a “hypocrite” for supporting military action and the war in general is nonsensical. But this is what we have come to expect from the anti-American, anti-military wing of the Democrat Party who are invested in our defeat and blinded with seething anger and hate for our president.