My earlier prediction with regard to Hillary’s presidential campaign was the Bill would somehow subconsciously torpedo her presidential ambitions late in the general election campaign. Maybe it would be having his picture snapped leaving some urban cougar’s apartment, something along those lines.

Now I think the combination of his massive ego and temper may do her in long before the general election.

Bill Clinton Says ‘Boys’ Tough on Wife

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) – Former President Clinton said Monday his wife can handle the criticism from her presidential rivals even though “those boys have been getting tough on her lately.”

If he wants to learn more about men really ‘being tough’ on other peoples wives, he should rush to the bookstore and pick up a copy of Kathleen Wiley’s new book describing how he sexually assaulted her in the White House.

Christopher Hitchens, commentator and author, “No One Left to Lie To.”

“The White House under Bill and Hillary Clinton was a moral and political slum, where a decent woman could be molested in the Oval Office and defamed and harassed when she complained…”

Keep talking Bill. Keep talking.