Great editorial today in Investor’s Business Daily, which included this line,

Michael Yon, who deserves to be the first blogger to win a Pulitzer Prize

Yes, he does deserve it.

Progress, Progress And More Progress

Winning: News from Iraq gets better by the day, but the media have done their best to downplay the turnaround and congressional Democrats have basically pulled the covers over their heads and pretended it doesn’t exist.

The positive news has become simply overwhelming.

Which makes it all the more curious why major newspapers and network TV news programs can lead with a barrage of news out of Iraq when things there go bad, but can’t seem to find the space or time when things turn good. As the bad news dries up, their interest in the good remains nil.

It takes people like Yon, whose online webzine can be found at, to tell us what’s going on — not the highly paid prima donnas whose past reporting has made them so invested in defeat that they can no longer afford to tell us the truth.

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