The one and only Michael Yon joined us for a lengthy conversation about the current situation in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Michael talked about the incredible changes he has seen in Iraq in the past six months. He’s in Baghdad and several times he talked about how quiet it was. He talked about the changing tactics of Al Qaeda, and how they are not working. We asked him to explain for the casual observer how we changed the game in Iraq. He talked at length about Gen. Petreaus and The Surge, but he emphasized that it is about much more than an increase in troops, it is a complete change in tactics, and it is working to an astounding degree.

Michael was not as optimistic about Afghanistan, largely because of the poppy situation and his lack of faith in NATO to properly manage the mission. As always, we got the good, the bad and the ugly from Michael.

Michael is a truly independent journalist, fully supported by his readers. If you appreciate this kind of independent, trustworthy reporting from the world’s hot spots, you can support Michael via Pay Pal at his website or by sending a check to,

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