In the days before the 2006 election I did a post titled Why I am secretly rooting for Nancy Pelosi. My reasoning was pretty simply, she is a complete tool and would be a major embarrassment.

Let the country to get a nice full plate of Nancy and the Gang for two years leading up to the next presidential cycle. Chairmen Dinngell, Conyers, Hastings, the hearings, the histrionics, the hypocrisy. Let’s give this gang some of the sunshine they long for. It can only be good for the GOP. They have been out of power so long, they are bound to overreach, to be too cute by half to fumble away any opportunity that is given them. In other words, they will be the same people they have been these past two years as the GOP has handed them one gift after another, none of which they have been able to fully, or even partially take advantage of.

Not content with her 11% approval rating, Nancy is shooting for single digits with her brilliant new plan for Iraq that will satisfy nobody except the worst, far-left elements of her base.

New Iraq measure would require withdrawal

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she would bring a new Iraq measure to the House floor shortly to provide $50 billion in funds for the war, while requiring U.S. troops to begin redeploying out of Iraq immediately and conclude by the end of next year.

“In last year’s election, the American people called for a new direction; nowhere was that direction more called for than in the war in Iraq,” Pelosi told reporters. “And so in the next day or so, we once again bring to the floor legislation that makes a distinction, a clear distinction: choose a new direction from the Bush foreign policy in Iraq.”

Let’s translate: Hurry up and lose or we won’t fund the war.

Have you ever seen anyone in a leadership position in our government so heavily invested in our defeat? Given all the news out of Iraq lately, can you imagine what kind of moron would bring forward such a proposal now?

Pelosi’s earlier surrender plans went nowhere when Iraq appeared to be an irrecoverable loss. Now that demonstrable progress is taking place, she’s not interested in it in the least.

And they wonder why people don’t trust Democrats on national security issues. I’ve said it all along, the best thing Republicans have going for them is Democrats.