On the Howie Carr Show a few months ago, I asked his guest former governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney why he illegally instituted “same sex marriage” without an accompanying legal statute.

Here was my exact question taken from the transcript and here is the audio:

Gregg Jackson: Thanks, Howie. Mr. Romney, I’m just wondering, why is it that you have claimed that you were just following the MSJC’s Goodridge opinion by ordering the Department of Public Health to change the marriage certificates from “Husband and Wife” to “Partner A and Partner B” and also forcing the Justices of the Peace and Town Clerks to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies or resign when there was no specific order from the court for you to do so? I mean, I guess the question is, why did you violate your oath of office that you swore and, was it to fulfill a campaign promise to the Log Cabin Republicans not to oppose same-sex marriage?

Here was Mr. Romney’s reply:

Mitt Romney: Gregg, I’m afraid, is slightly delusional. And let’s go through this one by one. First of all, we received a request to change our birth certificates to “Parent A and Parent B” and we refused to do so. So we insisted that they not change the birth certificates. So he’s got that wrong, number one. Number two, we did instruct our Justices of the Peace that they needed to understand that given the Supreme Court’s decision requiring them to marry people of the same people of the same gender if so requested that they had no choice but to do so or, alternatively, they would be wise not to stay as a Justice of the Peace because they might get sued by somebody. So we were giving them the information they needed to avoid a legal condition. And finally, number three, the idea that I’m not an opponent of same-sex marriage is frankly laughable.

As I have noted on previous occasions, it’s important to note that not only did Romney intentionally avoid answering my question about his bogus claim that he was under a “court order” and that he was legally obligated to order his Department of Public Health to change the marriage certificates but he also added that:

Mitt Romney: Everybody in the entire nation knows that the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court made same-sex marriage legal and that I fought it in every single way I could.

Well, here is my question for the former governor:

If “everybody in the entire nation knows the MSJC made same-sex marriage legal” why is there a bill before the legislature that would amend the current marriage statute (chapter 207) to include “same sex marriage” H1710? and S918?

Well anybody who has actually read the Massachusetts Constitution knows that the reason why the legislature has proposed legislation to amend the current marriage statute is because the law has never been amended to include “same sex marriage” as Romney and many of his toadies have claimed.
Even the Goodridge majority admitted that they were not suspending the marriage statute (legalizing same sex marriage as Romney falsely claimed):

“Here, no one argues that striking down the marriage laws is an appropriate form of relief.”

The Court in fact admitted that under the statute, Chapter 207 of the Massachusetts General Laws, homosexual marriage is illegal:

“We conclude, as did the judge, that M.G.L. c. 207 may not be construed to permit same-sex couples to marry.”

It is also important to note that Romney also failed to answer my very direct question about his promise to the Log Cabin Republicans in 2002 not to oppose “same sex marraige.” This is of enormous significance since such a promise constitutes a premeditated decision to violate his sworn oath only to enforce the existing laws and statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In summary: Mitt Romney illegally instituted same sex “marriage” in Massachusetts. He claimed that he fought “it” every way possible but was forced by the court to issue the same sex “marriage” certificates to same sex couples.

The fact that the legislature is proposing legislation to legally amend the marriage statute is prima facie evidence that Romney’s claim that the “court legalized same sex marriage” was a blatant lie plain and simple. Romney knew (or should have known) that the MSJC didn’t even have subject matter jurisdiction to even hear the case in the first place much less “order” either of the other two branches to “do” anything. Under the oldest functioning constitution in the world authored by John Adams which served as the model for our Federal Constitution:

“The judicial shall never exercise the legislative and executive powers, or either of them: to the end it may be a government of laws and not of men.” (PART THE FIRST, Article XXX.)

The truth is that those marriage certificates that were issued (over 150 of which Romney himself personally signed and issued) were/are not worth the paper they are written on because there was no accompanying legal statute authorizing same sex “marriage.” Plain and simple. The legislature never changed the law. Romney lied when he claimed he was under “court order.”

And in usurping the legislative authority of the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by altering the law without the consent of the people via our elected representatives, Mitt Romney violated his sworn oath to uphold the Constitution and enforce the laws and statutes of Massachusetts.

As it turns out, Romney, not I, was the one who was delusional about his role in illegally imposing “same sex marriage” in Massachusetts.

As a lawyer, Mitt Romney should be disbarred for his primary role in the shredding of the Massachusetts Constitution.

Shame on you Mr. Romney

As a post script: Wouldn’t it have been nice if some of the “conservative” Christian and pro family organizational leaders, lawyer-pundits, and radio blabber mouths who were evangelizing Romney for a year when all this information was readily available had actually done their homework instead of whitewashing Romney’s far left wing record and falsely claiming he was the most authentic conservative in the race?