As I mentioned last weekend on our show, I was one of about two dozen conservative leaders nationwide, including the chairman of the Free Congress Foundation and Founder of the Heritage Foundation and Moral Majority, Paul Weyrich, who signed a letter to John McCain regarding his VP selection that appeared today as a full page ad in the local Prescott Arizona news paper in the city where McCain campaigned and spoke.

Incidentally, Mr. Weyrich has recently stated at the Council of National Policy meeting in New Orleans that endorsing Romney was the “biggest mistake of his life.” He has stated that he was unaware of Romney’s true record and role in establishing abortion with a $50 co pay as a “healthcare benefit” (after his supposed pro-life conversion) and illegally instituting same sex “marriage” in Massachusetts (which by the way remains illegal as the current marriage statute Chapter 207 has never been amended to include marriage between same sex “couples.” A bill before the legislature to do just that was just voted down last week.)

Our letter has been a major topic nationally and has been covered on CNN, Fox News Channel, CNS News, CBN, CNBC, Townhall, and World Net Daily among others.

So far the only responses hve been to call us “bible thumpers,” “jealous Huckabee supporters,” and “anti-Mormon haters.” Pretty much the same banal responses to the multitude of articles I have written on critical of former governor Romney. There has been no attempt to even refute any of the substantive evidence from the actual letter… just name calling. No surprise.

Here’s the WorldNetDaily piece on the letter:

‘No Mitt’ campaign targets VP slot
‘We can’t support a McCain-Romney ticket,” coalition says

Sen. John McCain needs to choose someone other than former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as his vice-presidential candidate, says a coalition that has accused Romney of violating the state constitution and mocking the principle of limited government while governor.

The message is being proclaimed in new full-page newspaper advertisements that will begin running in locations where McCain will be campaigning, starting this weekend in Prescott, Ariz., according to the sponsors.

“With Mitt Romney on the ticket there could very well be enough social conservatives staying at home to allow a Barack Obama victory in the fall,” said a statement from sponsor Government is Not God-PAC, run by William Murray.

Readers are being directed to a NoMittVP website, where they can express their opinions about Romney as a possible vice president.

Among the signatures on the ad is Paul Weyrich, founder of the Heritage Foundation and a supporter of Romney as little as a few months ago.

However, revelations about Romney’s actions as Massachusetts government have terrified some conservatives about what he might do as president.

“Picking a running mate as dishonest, cynical and with so little regard for innocent human life, natural marriage and the binding force of constitutions as Mitt Romney would be a deal breaker for many, many voters,” said John Haskins, who signed as an individual but works with the ParentsRightsCoalition and

“Mitt Romney is the Barak Obama of the Republican Party,” he said.

The advertisement is listed as “An open letter to John McCain: NO Mitt.”

“We are conservatives who believe strongly in the sanctity of human life and of marriage and we recognize that the issues at stake in this upcoming election are serious and profound. Indeed, we believe the very future of America’s security, against threats both foreign and domestic, will be determined by whom America elects as president in November,” the ad says. “Because we have invested our lives in securing a prosperous America that honors life and liberty, we must state our grave concerns regarding your pending choice of a running mate.

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And here is the full page ad