Darryl Sharratt takes John Murtha to the woodshed in this ad. This November, Murtha faces some serious competition from Lt. Col. Bill Russell. Here’s Blackfive’s description,

He’s an Army vet, 9/11 survivor, and small business owner who is challenging smear merchant/corruptocrat Rep. John Murtha. I saw Russell at the fantastic Pennsylvania Leadership Conference last month (where the photo above was snapped). He is a staunch conservative, a true American patriot, and he deserves your support. If there were ever a time for the grass-roots to come together and help an underdog Republican candidate make a difference, this is it.

We were fortunate enough to get to know both Darryl, and his son Justin, one of the six Haditha Marines exonerated so far.

Haditha Marine Justin Sharratt,

We also spoke to Justin’s father Darryl on several occassions, inlcuding after he spoke to Congressman Murtha. You see, Congressman Murtha, who convicted these Marines in the press, is the Sharratt’s congressmen. Can you imagine. Even worse, it took the Sharratt family more than fifty phone calls before Murtha gave them the time of day.

In a second interview, we talked to Darryl about the stress this incident has put on his family,

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