Bruce McQuain told us an amazing story of bravery tonight, that was spun as a defeat by the MSM, but was anything but. Bruce contrasts AP coverage of a recent attack on US troops in Afghanistan with the reporting of Steve Mraz of Stars & Stripes and Independent milblogger Jeff Emanuel, who sums it up this way,

Perhaps the most important takeaway from that encounter, though, is the one that the mainstream media couldn’t be bothered to pay attention long enough to learn: that, not for the first time, a contingent of American soldiers that was outnumbered by up to a twenty-to-one ratio soundly and completely repulsed a complex, pre-planned assault by those dedicated enough to their cause to kill themselves in its pursuit.

That kind of heroism and against-all-odds success is and has been a hallmark of America’s fighting men and women, and it is one that is worthy of all attention we can possibly give it.”

This is truly an amazing, inspirational and moving story about men with a level of bravery and courage that I will never be able to fully comprehend. You don’t want to miss this one.

A special thanks to Mary Ann of Soldiers Angels Germany for making us aware of this story.

The Someone You Should Know radio collaboration began as an extension of Matt Burden’s series at Blackfive. Thanks to Matt, Bruce is now on board and we are lucky to have him as part of the show. All of our interviews are also available for download at iTunes and Podcast Alley via the Pundit Review Radio Podcast.

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