One of the leading citizen journalists in the world, Michael Yon, returned to Pundit Review Radio once again for a live 30-minute report from the front lines. Michael is back in Afghanistan, embedded with the British troops. A former Green Beret, Michael has built his reputation by delivering the news as he sees it, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I was lucky to have with me Bruce McQuain from QandO. Bruce is a veteran himself, having spent 28 years in the Army. We talked to Michael about the British troops he was staying with, how much we can rely on NATO, the influence of Pakistan and what sees in terms of progress with the Afghan military and police forces. Michael had just returned from a mission with the Brits, and told us about the opium crop, and how it was now being replaced by corn because of all things, surging prices. We have a long way to go in Afganistan, and Michael talked about the differences between this war and Iraq. Success will require enormous patience.

Michael is a truly independent journalist, fully supported by his readers. If you appreciate this kind of independent, trustworthy reporting from the world’s hot spots, you can support Michael via Pay Pal at his website or by sending a check to,

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