Disgraced aging malcontent Manny Ramirez hasn’t been able to pick himself a winner of a contract this offseason. After quiting on the team and stealing $20 million from the Red Sox last season, Manny went to the Dodgers and tore the cover off the ball. This only served to remind baseball owners that Manny’s talent is like a faucet, something that can be turned off at any time. Manny entered the offseason with dreams of another $100 million contract. When the Dodgers offered him 2-years for $45 million, he didn’t even dignify the offer with a no. He never responded. One can only speculate what Manny’s reaction was to the Dodgers latest offer, which is the only one he has on the table two weeks away from Spring Training,

Dodgers make Ramirez a one-year offer

The Los Angeles Dodgers made Manny Ramirez a one-year, $25 million offer Monday, according to a baseball source, a substantial departure from the two-year, $45 million offer they extended in November at the general manager meetings.

Schadenfreude never felt so good. This guy is the biggest insult to fans in all of sport. Rumor has it that agent Scott Boras is working on an application to create a new set of TARP funds, the Troubled Athlete Relief Program.

UPDATE: From the Herald, “Cardinals slugger and friend Albert Pujols, who told reporters in the Dominican on Thursday that Ramirez felt unwanted, “I speak with Manny every three days and he tells me, ‘Man, no one wants to sign me,’.

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UPDATE III: From an emailer, “The only way this gets better is if we learn Manny was an investor with Bernie Madoff.”