What an honor for me to be joined by Bruce McQuain and to get the opportunity to say thank you to Retired Lt. Col. Michael Strobl and Gretchen Mack, the mother of Lance Cpl. Chance Phelps.

Chance was a decorated, respected 19-year old Marine when he was killed in Iraq. In April 2004, Lt. Col. Strobl’s account of escorting Chance’s remains from Dover Air Force base to his final resting place in Dubois, Wyoming was published in its entirety on Blackfive. As I told him tonight, I’ve never read anything that made me more proud of my country. Today, Taking Chance the most popular HBO original movie in five years, with more than 2 million tuning in for its debut last Saturday evening. Tom Shales of the Washington Post wrote,

Rendering honor is one of the film’s themes, and also one of its singular accomplishments.

Joe and Marilyn from CA sent an email that summed up how many feel,

We’d like to thank Gretchen and Chance’s family for sharing their loss with us – a self-sacrifice for the greater good on top of the ultimate sacrifice that Chance made.

Michael Strobl and Gretchen Mack on Pundit Review Radio

Taking Chance: Conversation with Gretchen Mack

Taking Chance: Conversation with Lt. Col. Michael Strobl and Kevin Bacon

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