From Sports by Brooks,

A guy who goes by the moniker Bald Vinny Milano steps up to the plate and describes what happened:

“I was at the game tonight, and the kid in front of me was eating a hot dog. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot a big patch of green mold on the bottom of the bun. I warned the guy about two bites before he ate the moldy bread, and he practically threw up. I can’t believe that would even happen at a place like Yankee Stadium. There are really expensive, high class places to eat in the stadium, but somehow a moldy hot dog roll made its way to a CUSTOMER! I was so shocked, I took a picture of it. Here is the kicker…he went back to the concession stand, and they would not give him another hot dog! They offered him another bun, but not a replacement dog!”

I’m surprised the concessionaires didn’t try to pass off the mold as guacamole.

I would question the truthiness of this story if it was coming from a Red Sox or Mets blog. But it’s coming from a Yankees fan site, and why would they besmirch their favorite team with such a foul stadium food story? As if the astronomical ticket prices weren’t enough to make your average Yanks fan sick.