The excellent financial blog Crossing Wall Street nails it,

Barney Frank was just on CNBC. I’ve started a game of watching at what point Frank goes into his overly dramatic routine that he’s being interrupted and not allowed to answer the question. He does this all the time.

Fortunately, this time he was up against Mark Haines who doesn’t put up with his nonsense. I hope CNBC posts the video. I don’t think Congressman Frank understands that he’s not the chairman everywhere in the world. It’s pretty sad: You put a gavel in some people’s hands and it goes to their heads.

Haines asked a perfectly reasonable question. In Frank’s response, he asked Haines a question to which the anchor responded. This set Frank off. Instead of engaging in the back and forth of a conversation, Frank wastes even more time with his “I can’t answer routine.”

Congressman Frank is bully pure and simple and today he was put in his place.