Liberals have a reputation for being soft on crime and weak on military issues. If you have ever wondered why or whether it was justified, Blue Mass Group , Massachusetts leading liberal blog site, has the answer.

Just read their website. Here is an overview of Blue Mass Group posts on GatesGate.

Hey Boston Globe, Why Won’t You Post Police Report Now? WITH POLL

No evidence to support CPD version

Some thought-provoking analyses of the Gates arrest

Stupid is as Stupid Does: Cambridge PD Attorney Doubles Down on Acting Stupidly

Police unions get their backs up; Obama talks with Crowley [update] and Gates

Crowley to Critics: “Up Against the Wall, and Spread ‘Em!”

The Anti-Violence Project questions the legality of the Gates arrest/detention

Cambridge police officer, stupidly, won’t apologize

Obama: Cambridge police “acted stupidly” in arresting Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Shame on Globe and Local Media Critics

Cambridge cops take black, disabled professor away in handcuffs. Read the police report here.

See a theme here? Sgt. Crowley, the Cambridge PD and the police union are the bad actors, not Henry Louis Gates, despite the preponderance of evidence to the contrary. This from a group of people whose tag line is “A reality-based community on politics and policy in Massachusetts”.

Since this community of Massachusetts liberals is “reality-based”, I thought I would do a site search on Jared C. Monti. After all, what is more reality-based than the Medal of Honor? Since 2001, there have been only five awarded, before Massachusetts native Jared Monti was posthumously awarded one last week. Here’s what I found,

Blue Mass Group Site Web Search
Your search – Jared C. Monti – did not match any documents.

Here is a reality for the “reality-based community” of Blue Mass Group liberals, your reputation for being weak on law and order and military issues is well earned and richly deserved.