My brother-in-law is a professional cyclist and he has some custom, super high end bikes that he has accumulated over the years. He recently put one on eBay for sale for $6000. He began a correspondence with a gentlemen from San Diego who was interested in the bike. They established a nice rapport and shared stories about their love of cycling. The potential buyer was curious about the bike since it was custom made for my brother-in-law. He sent a photo along of his bike and in it, he is riding the bike with a prosthetic leg. My brother-in-law asked what had happened and the reply was “Iraq”.

At that moment, the auction was over, the price was cut in half and the bike was his. This is a great act of kindness by my brother-in-law. This is what the holiday season, and supporting the troops, is all about. As he learned more about the buyer, Roger Carlson, he quickly understood that this was a special man. Roger is dedicated to helping his fellow wounded warriors in their recovery. He’s involved with a great charity, the Challenged Athlete’s Foundation and Operation Rebound, and he is a real inspiration. Roger recently completed a 100 mile bike race!

It was an honor to welcome Roger to Boston and get the opportunity to thank him for his service and to hear his truly inspirational story.

Here is a news story from San Diego on CAF that features Roger,


When my brother-in-law let his racing sponsor, Cannondale, know about Roger, well, they also stepped up huge.

This was such a great, heartwarming story I thought it deserved to be shared with the WRKO audience.

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