Two of our favorite and most frequent guests over the years have been independent citizen journalist Michael Yon and Bruce McQuain from QandO and the #1 milblog Blackfive. He’s also the man behind the Someone You Should Know series.

When I have Michael on, I always invite Bruce because of his decades of experience in the Army. Tonight, when Michael made a comment about the reasons surrounding the rules of engagement in Afghanistan, Bruce was there to talk about the implications for the soldiers carrying our those rules.

We caught up with Michael in Hong Kong where he welcomed the New Year. He was heading to the airport then home to the U.S. for a little rest and recovery. Michael has spent the past five years covering the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq like no other. He estimated spending about half of that time reporting from the front lines both embedded with military units and freelance, on his own. (I would add, from some of the nastiest places on the planet, from the mountains of Afghanistan to the streets of Mosil).

We talked about expectations for Afghanistan in 2010, the impact of the surge decision on the troops he was with and the challenges ahead.

Michael is truly independent. His work is supported by his readers. I made a donation recently becuase I value what he is doing. If you do, and can afford to, you can do so at his website

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