Scott Brown (Follow on Twitter) has created quite a stir with his new campaign commercial. Martha Coakley was left muttering “George W. Bush” and the state Democratic party was offended at the use of JFK’s image.

In my opinion, the truth hurts. What they were was embarrassed to have such a stark reminder of how far left the party has gone.

Massachusetts has such an amazing opportunity to send a message to Washington DC by electing a common sense conservative to the United States Senate. The stakes in Washington could hardly be any higher. This is the 41st vote against Obamacare, higher taxes and a law enforcement approach to the war on terror.

The truly sleazy way Washington has operated this year, with the outright bribery for votes, lobbyists writing and nobody reading the thousand page bills, has been a disgrace. It is especially appalling in the wake of candidate Obama’s repeated promises of transparency and fiscal responsibilty. Independents, unenrolled and disaffected Democrats are giving Scott Brown a serious look.

Scott stayed with us for about twenty five minutes and went through a whole bunch of phone calls. This is getting really interesting.

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