Back in August, on the 14th anniversary of his death, I did a post titled: RIP Jerry Garcia: The Godfather of social networking

In today speak, Garcia and the Grateful Dead launched multiple, synergistic initiatives to leverage their installed base. He was a visionary leader who understood social networks, marketing and monetization. I’m making him sound like a dot-com CEO! Have I completely lost my marbles? I don’t think so and here’s why…

Seems like I wasn’t that far off after all, as both The Atlantic Magazine and CNBC, the business news network, have done extended pieces looking at the Dead and their business success.

The Atlantic: Management Secrets of the Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead Archive, scheduled to open soon at the University of California at Santa Cruz, will be a mecca for academics of all stripes: from ethno­musicologists to philosophers, sociologists to historians. But the biggest beneficiaries may prove to be business scholars and management theorists, who are discovering that the Dead were visionary geniuses in the way they created “customer value,” promoted social networking, and did strategic business planning.

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