What a great way to start the show last night with a surprise call from Scott in the truck! Yes, U.S. Senator Scott Brown gave us a call as he was driving home last evening. Good to see that Washington DC hasn’t changed him, because over the past six years, when he was simply State Senator Scott Brown, he’d pick up the phone and check in with us from time to time.

I’m not afraid to say that I am a Scott Brown Republican. I’m a conservative person but not a political conservative. I want to see people of good will work together from both parties to solve our fiscal crisis. Scott said he would do that if elected, and he has done so.

On WRKO I sometimes hear from conservatives who are angry with Sen. Brown when he cuts a deal, or takes a certain vote that isn’t in 100% alignment with the right wing of the GOP. I say the same thing every time. Number one, Scott Brown never promised to be a down the line conservative. Sure, he received a lot of Tea Party support, but he never a Tea Party candidate. He is who he is, and he is comfortable with that. Number two, if Scott Brown votes the way I’d like 70% of the time, that is 70% more support I am getting in Washington than I got the first 40 years of my life from my Senator. Life isn’t perfect. Politics isn’t perfect and no human being can please everybody all the time. Scott Brown is the genuine article. He is doing in Washington exactly what he said he would and I continue to be proud to call him my Senator.

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