Dan Winslow

Rep. Dan Winslow brings a ton of great experience to Beacon Hill, including 15 years involvement in local government, he served as a Judge at the Wrentham District Court and as chief legal council to Gov. Romney. He has hit the ground running on Beacon Hill, looking for people of good faith to reform our broken state government. How broke is it? Here’s the Globe on Lt. Gov. Tim Murray, and the broader @MassDems patronage problems,

But the larger system of alliance-building through state and municipal government, greased along by dubious fundraising and the awarding of patronage jobs, is a deeper threat to Massachusetts. Murray has rejected McLaughlin, but he and other elected officials need to be far more forthright in declaring that the system of rewarding political supporters with jobs is morally wrong, unfair to other applicants, and damaging to the credibility of the state government. It simply shouldn’t happen.

Among the most basic, commonsense reforms Rep. Winslow is pushing is Rule28.com. Called an election year ploy by the hopelessly arrogant and clueless Massachusetts Democratic Party, this measure simply allows a majority of representatives to demand that a bill get out of committee and brought to the floor for a vote. There are some brave Democrats involved in this. They are bucking a party that is against any diminishing of power that has been granted to Leadership, because we all know how well that has worked out with three Democrat speakers in a row who became felons. A simple majority means that the Democrats, given their huge advantage, could do this at almost any time. The fact that the Leadership is against it says everything. They don’t want to cede power to their own members. This has nothing to do with Republicans or politics, only maintaining the status quo.

We are up against it on Beacon Hill. We could use an Army of Dan Winslow’s up there.

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