It was an honor to welcome Rick Collins, retired British Royal Marine, and founder of The Unseen Wound, to Pundit Review Radio. Recently Rick made the decision to dedicate his life to supporting our youngest combat veterans and Healing The Unseen Wound is a result of that commitment.

“The lessons learned from WWII, Korea and Vietnam are destined to be repeated unless we engage, educate and heal our young veterans as they return to civilian life”. “I understand what our young veterans are going through and we cannot sit around and wait for government to support them during these trying times. Our initiative is not a program of entitlement, it is a program of necessity if we are to reduce the levels of despondency among our next greatest generation”.

The Unseen Wound’s mission is the following,

To provide recently separated combat veterans with a carefully managed program that will help them develop the professional, psychological and inter-personal skills needed to succeed in civilian life.

During their period of engagement with us, qualified veterans will receive skills training in recognized civilian trades, opportunities to serve in local and regional service projects, sustained esprit de corps with their fellow veterans and accredited PTS/Trauma support to address their mental health concerns.

We are a small team of military, business and medical professionals who have made the commitment to support our young combat veterans “one squad at a time”. We cannot do it without you.

You can support this great organization by visiting their website and making a donation.

Thanks to our friend Bruce McQuain for introducing us to this great group.

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