Political season is heating up and so is the rhetoric. As your friendly RINO host in a conservative medium like talk radio, I am in a position where weekly I find myself disagreeing with callers, whether over social policy or the presidential aspirations of the likes of Herman Cain. On the radio, I always try to be civil, to respect their opinion, present mine and then at the end of the day (or call in this case) to agree to disagree. When you can do that, talking politics can be tremendously fun and enjoyable, not to mention educational. Tell me, where do you learn more, by talking to people who only agree with you, or by talking to those who challenge your positions.

As I said Sunday night, I think I do a good job of disagreeing without being disagreeable when hosting Pundit Review Radio. Where I don’t do a great job is on Twitter. It is such an easy medium to just blow someone up . I’m going to try and bring the same balance to Twitter going forward as I do to the radio show on Sunday’s and in my personal life.

To that end, I invited a personal friend by the name of Jonathan Lewis into the studio to talk politics. This is something we do often, with few areas of agreement. That said, we’ve never had an arguement or even anything slightly disagreeable. Basically, we talked politics Sunday night like we always do, except with 50,000-watt microphones.

In this hour of talk about disagreeing without being disagreeable, it was great to hear from regular caller Mike from Newton. Not only did Mike once again call me a RINO and tell me how I am what’s holding back the GOP. He had a new moniker for me this week, one I’ve never heard, a C-I-N-O. Catholic In Name Only.

I guess we still have some work to do.

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