What a rude host I am sometimes. I invite my friend Sam Bowlby to the WRKO studios for a couple of hours of radio fun and we lasted thirty minutes, bumped by the Red Sox game that would not end. The Celtics playoff pre-game show was starting on WEEI so baseball was headed to WRKO at 6:30pm.

Sam, you may recall, is a veteran of two tours in Iraq. He graduated in 2004 from Hamilton College, one of the nation’s finest, and instead of law or business school, he entered the Marines. Two tours in Iraq, then an MBA at Babson and some project work at Google, that’s what Sam had done when we last spoke. He’s now working on a part-time basis with The Program,

The Program was founded in 2008 with the mission of providing high schools, professional and collegiate teams, and corporate organizations, with the best leadership and team building development in the country. Under the leadership of CEO and Founder Eric Kapitulik, The Program creates personalized leadership development training that challenges every member of YOUR team to get “that much better.”

So many times Bruce McQuain and I have spoken about the leadership qualities in the men and women featured in the Someone You Should Know segment.This is a great example of applying those skills in a unique and interesting way, challenging the big men on campus to step out of their comfort zone and truly learn about teamwork. Sam recently participated in training session a some major college football programs. My hat is off to those coaches who think outside the box. True leadership skills go far beyond the confines of the football field. Did I mention Sam was a football star at Hamilton College before entering the Marines?

After catching up a bit about his latest work, I had to ask Sam about President Obama’s trip to Afghanistan this week. I told Sam that I wasn’t bothered by Obama’s trip, or his interview with Brian Williams. Seeing as though George W. Bush landed a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier, I find it hard to complain about presidential triumphalism over Osama, right up until the Bill Clinton video this week, which was just awful. Sam’s perspective was different, for obvious reasons. It was an interesting discussion that we had to unfortunately cut short after thirty minutes.

I owe Sam a mulligan.

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