After 374 Sunday’s, this was our final show on WRKO. It has been a great experience. I had many people to thank, starting with Gregg Jackson who pushed me into this crazy idea in the summer of 2004. There are lots of folks at WRKO to thank, from Todd Feinburg to Howie Carr to the great roster of producers, Sandy, Bernie, Producer Rob, Dan the Man, Ed, Horseshack. I don’t have a bad thing to say about WRKO. They gave me a great platform to do what I wanted for 374 weekends, so you won’t hear me complaining or saying they owe me week 375. In fact, I owe them.

I very much appreciated what Cooksie did for me, giving me a final show to say goodbye to a loyal group of listeners. That doesn’t always happen in radio, as I’ve seen firsthand, so I very much apprecated that. Thank you to everyone who listened to, supported and contributed to the show.

Producer Rob is just one of many people I’ve met from doing the show who will remain friends long into the future. Boston Maggie, Stephanie Davis, Garrett Quinn  and so many more.  Same goes for my last in-studio guest, Chris Selland. I really appreciate his coming in for what was, honestly, a strange show.

I want to thank Senator Brown for calling in. He’s been a great friend of the show, calling since his days as a State Rep. It was really touching that he would take time out of his busy schedule to do that.

Finally, how can one thank Bruce McQuain for all he has done for Pundit Review Radio? If I’m proud of anything about this experience, it is bringing the Someone You Should Know segment to the radio every Sunday night. Bruce did such an amazing job telling us these inspirational stories because he knows of what he speaks, 28 years in the Army, Vietnam vet. He’s been there and done that. Listening tio these stories every week has been a real education, and an honor. Bruce and I will always remain friends…and who knows…..

Hour One with Chris Selland, Sen. Scott Brown

Hour Two with Bruce McQuain, Chris Selland and great call from Michelle DeSilva of Cape Cod Cares for Our Troops

Signing off…we bid you goodnight

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