Beginning Saturday September 25, we will be broadcasting a one hour show on Boston’s business news station WBIX AM 1060. The show will air from noon-1pm and will be available in streaming audio over the stations web site and then it will be archived on this site.

The goal of the show is to follow political news and current events through the eyes of bloggers. We hope to interview our favorites each week and get their fresh perspective on the news of the moment.

We already have interviews scheduled with Don Luskin of PoorandStupid and Scott Johnson of Powerline. Matt Margolis of Blogs for Bush will be our first guest.

We ask for your help in spreading the word around the blogsphere letting people know about this new forum to showcase the informative, compelling and important work of bloggers.

No event represents the growing influence of bloggers better than the CBS/60 Minutes fake documents controversy that has exploded in the past 24 hours. Free Republic and Powerline broke this story wide open and then it spread like wildfire across the blogshpere yesterday thanks to Instapundit and others. Incredibly, a major national news story went from an internet posting to the evening news to Nightline all in a single day.

Dan Rather denied the charges tonight on his newscast and let’s just say that it was underwhelming. On the specific charges of the alleged document forgery, he did not directly address it. The “expert” that Rather cited is in fact a handwriting expert. His experience is irrelevant to the controversy and raises more questions than it answers.

Here are a couple of great round-up articles on what has transpired and what it means

Belmont Club: The Shot Heard Round The World
Weekly Standard: The Hoaxing of CBS: Why were they so easily duped?