Kevin on November 2nd, 2012

It had barely stopped raining, the power was still out and millions are struggling for the basics like food, clean water and gasoline. What a great time to rudely, condescendingly and arrogantly declare the cause of the storm to be, you guessed it, global warming ! Not only that, but if you are not on board […]

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Bruce McQuain from Blackfive joined us once again for Someone You Should Know, our weekly tribute to the troops. Bruce spent 28 years in the U.S. Army and he is a veteran of the Vietnam war. He brings a perspective and understanding to these stories that we could never match. This week Bruce told us […]

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When I read this story in the Salem News, I could hardly believe it. Simply beyond words. Man tracks down pilot who saved his life in Vietnam Rick Lindsey was lying on the ground, blood pouring out of the severed femoral artery in his right thigh, his femur bone shattered, when he saw a beautiful […]

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Bruce McQuain took a special trip last week and it inspired him to tell us the story of the men and women who make Operation Continuing Promise possible. It is an operation that will continue in various forms in the future. It is a tremendous and praiseworthy effort that I think needs to be given […]

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Here is my letter to the editor submitted yesterday in response to their front page innacurate and misleading headline on the front page yesterday, “Massachusetts lives happily with same-sex marriage law.” Your above the fold headline in today’s LA Times, “Massachusetts lives happily with same-sex marriage law,” by Elizabeth Mehren is totally inaccurate and misleading, […]

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Kevin on February 4th, 2008

There have been many, many stories about inappropriate cell phone usage. They range from the inconsiderate to the tacky to the down right rude. I’m not sure what category this falls in. Imagine the scene, a wake for a young mother who lost a courageous battle with cancer. Open casket, with her husband and young […]

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Kevin on January 18th, 2008

This commercial from Liberty Mutual has a simple message, pay it forward. Do the little things, like hold a door open, or say thank you, etc and you will be rewarded. I’d like to believe that is true. I love the message of this ad. What’s the point? I have a pay it forward story […]

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