The Daily News endorsed Bill Clinton (twice), Al Gore in 2000 but now they are endorsing George W. Bush in 2004.

New York Daily News Editorial

Tested severely by 9/11, Bush recognized it was not enough â?? it had never
been enough â?? to treat Islamic terrorism as a criminal-justice matter, or just
to hunt down Osama Bin Laden and his henchmen. The President had two crucial
insights: First, that rogue states were a grave threat in that they could
provide weapons of mass destruction to terrorists as a force multiplier. And,
second, that the Mideast’s backward, repressed societies were generating
virulent, homicidal hatred of the U.S.

And so Bush led the country to invade Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, enraging some allies and alienating half the American people. We supported the President and we continue to believe he made the right decision.

At this critical juncture, America cannot afford such a lack of clarity
â?? or even a hint that a President would revert to playing defense rather than
staying on the offensive. Nor would it be wise to change commanders midbattle in
Iraq and around the globe, replacing a tested leader with a man who would have
to learn on the job under the most difficult circumstances. With so much at
stake, that’s a transition not to be wished for.

Returning Bush to office is the wise course, The News believes, despite
our sharp disagreement with his domestic policies. Those pale in comparison with
the overarching challenge of securing the nation and preserving New York’s vital
way of life. Of the two candidates, Bush has the clearer vision for
accomplishing the goal, as well as the greater experience. He gets our