Wife of injured officer hears the news

UPDATE: First the bad news…This story is more infuriating than first thought,

Lopes was detained April 4 by the U.S. Office of Immigration and Naturalization after sneaking over the border in Texas with her father, prosecutor Cesar Archilla said. She was released, but ordered back for a hearing.

and now the good news,

A Salem patrolman decorated for bravery last year is expected to make a full recovery after being struck by a car driven by a 17-year-old illegal immigrant from Brazil who didn’t have a license, authorities said.

The Salem native, who is married with four children and is a 17-year police veteran, was flown to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center with head injuries and originally listed in critical condition. By yesterday, his condition was upgraded, a breathing tube was extracted and some of the first words out of his mouth were “Am I going to make my cruise?”

He was scheduled for a week’s vacation beginning Sunday, Salem police Capt. John Jodoin said.

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Everbody agrees that we are a country of immigrants, give us your poor, your so on and so forth.

Immigrants are welcome in this country, if they go through the legal process. It is Illegal immigration that has to be stopped. Illegal immigrants who commit crimes in this country should be punished and sent home.

We need to make it clear that unless you do it legally, you will be treated like, well, a criminal.

Let’s start with 17 year old Leila Lopes, an illegal who enetered the US 10 days ago from Mexico.

How is her pursuit of the American dream going? Well, within ten days of arriving in the US, she made it from the great southwest to the northeast part of Massachusetts. She got access to a car, even though she had little experience driving one, and she mowed down a police officer working a traffic detail at 10:30pm. The officer is in a Boston hospital fighting for his life, fighting desperately to stay alive so he can see his wife and kids again. His pursuit of the American dream required lots of overtime to provide for his family and it may cost him his life. It may cost his children their father and it may make his wife a widow.

Police officer hospitalized after being hit by car

The driver, Leila Lopes, 17, of Brazil, was arrested at the scene. According to prosecutors, she told investigators she had illegally entered the country over the Mexican border just 10 days ago and was staying with a woman in Peabody.

O’Hearn said he was trying to turn onto Tremont Street from Tremont Place, a small dead-end street where he had been visiting his girlfriend. He said Shea had indicated with his flashlight for him to stop.”All of a sudden I saw him fly up in the air and do a 360,” O’Hearn said. O’Hearn said he rushed to the fallen officer, who was unconscious and bleeding. He said police and firefighters arrived in under five minutes.

The collision left a large, deep dent in the passenger side of the Honda’s windshield. The car continued several hundred yards down the street, nearly to the end of the block.

Neighbors quickly gathered as Shea was rushed by ambulance to a nearby soccer field where a helicopter could land. After Shea was taken away, a police hat lay next to a pool of blood on the sidewalk. His black-and-yellow flashlight
lay in the street, still turned on.

According to Lopes court appointed lawyer she is scared and would rather return to Brazil than be in jail. No kidding? You can go back to Brazil, don’t worry. But first you’ll be spending the next several years behind bars.

People will always want to come to this country to pursue their dreams and make a better life for their families. At the same time, we cannot continue to have open borders and allow absolutely anyone to enter this country and do whatever it is they do. Most come for work. Some commit crimes. Some may be terrorists. Who the hell knows what they do? There is no way to track illegals, that is why we need to make it so only legal immigrants enjoy the greatness that this country has to offer. Illegals should be considered criminals. After all, isn’t something illegal criminal?