This was inevitable, you knew it was coming. The terrorist savages in Iraq have released a video of Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker, members of the 101st Airborne division abducted, tortured and killed by al Qaeda in Iraq.

I watched the video, I looked at the photos. In my mind, I had to. As a supporter of this war it is important to see what we are facing. It is also critical that we understand why it is so important to maintain our resolve to defeat this enemy.

This Sunday night at 8pm est, we will be welcoming back to Pundit Review Radio one of our great military strategists, Ralph Peters. His new book, which I have just finished, is titled Never Quit The Fight. I can’t think of a more fitting guest this weekend.

Here is some blogger reaction to the video, from people we like and respect,

Captain Ed

We need to show that this butchery does not frighten us but steels our resolve to put a permanent end to such evil. The US has to prove that it will not retreat in the face of savagery, but will beat it with professionalism and unstoppable resolve. If we do not, we will make the same mistake that Bill Clinton did in Somalia and Ronald Reagan did in Beirut.

We mourn the loss of Kristian and Thomas. We also feel rage at the soulless bastards who not only committed these acts but videotaped it as a point of pride. And we know that they can never beat us, because if they could, they wouldn’t have to rely on these tactics to get us to quit. We don’t run from cowards.


If you donâ??t want to watch a video of a decapitated body, you shouldnâ??t. But whether you watch it or not, you should be aware that this is what the terrorists are doing to our soldiers.